Portable Brochure Stand

brochure-stand-1Light weight portable brochure stand
(A4 size * 8)

Model #: BS-1

Price: $129+GST

  • Aluminum, Nylon and Carbon fiber
  • Silver on the top and bottom edge, black on the main body
  • 8 pockets for up to A4 size brochures
  • The size is 34*65*137cm.
  • Gross weight is about 3kg including bag
  • Canvas carry bag
  • Delivery not included

Remarks: 4-pocket brochure stand is available too in white colour
Price: $119+GST


brochure-stand-2Luxury portable brochure stand
(A4 size * 6)

Model #: BS-2

Price: $235+GST

  • - Aluminum, Steel and Acrylic
  • - Silver colour
  • - 6 pocket literature rack for up to A4 size brochures
  • - The size when it stands is 35*28*150cm.
    - The case is 47*35*16cm.
  • - Gross weight is about 8.6kg including heavy duty carry case
  • - Delivery not included



Portable brochure stands are the easiest way to display your brochures and flyers.

The brochure stands we provide are so easy and fast to set up and disassemble. They are stable but lightweight and come with either canvas bag or strong carry case. They are for up to A4 size. All the benefits of these lightweight portable brochure stands make it easy for you to use at any occasion, such as:

  • Exhibitions
  • Trade shows
  • Product promotion
  • Conferences
  • Reception area
  • Shops




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